Fred’s latest video, with thanks to the Central California Writing Project, UCSC, and the Lyceum of Monterey County for support in the workshops where this story developed:

My current approach to “stills-only” digital storytelling with iMovie 9 is linked below, along with some other resources.


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  1. John Randall says:

    Thank you, I’m looking forward to all I can learn from you about digital storytelling.

    John Randall

  2. THis is very beautiful and I was very moved by it. I would like t o know if it is available to share with others and how to do that. I’d also like to ask permission of anyone to use, republish, whatever the Pledge of allegiance to the earth. Who wrote that?

    Finally, forgive me because there are some questions that always come up in my mind whenever someone speaks of iany dealistic political systems. In this case it is communism — certainly an ideal but what is “rich” or “the rich” — isn’t that relative. The communist motto is one I hold in my heart and practice but without any political association. It is a personal conviction. It does not account for baser elements that come into play such as jealousy, irrespective of need. Evidently some don’t simply want only according to need but some vague feeling of entitlement. The obvious failure of communism as a political system both on a global as well as a communal level is that some feel no compulsion to develop their ability or for that matter personal resources. I’ve seen that with some very intellligent people who failed to attend to the practical atters relating to aging and retirement. I know there are circumstances that make life easier for one than another but I also know that insufficient care to the needs of the moment and the future which places the burden of responsibility on others is not wise. I have and continue to search y heart to see if I am too callous and uncaring in these views but honestly I don’t think so and history tends to bear this to be true. It also seems that our communal experience based on a communist ideal, has done little to support the artists and poets in our community (without mentioning names) and that is important precisely because these are seeking to express something beyond need. It is also noticed that the children, progeny of this cmmunal experience with few exceptions have turned away from the communist ideal and have not sought it out in their own lives

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